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ERPNext (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a full featured business management solution that helps SMEs(Small & Medium Entrepreneur's)Business to record all the business transactions in one system. In other words we can say that all problems of Business. ERPNext is the Solution. And also it is an open source. Through ERPNext we can serves the backbone of a business to add strength, transparency and control to your growing business. Not only small SME's but large enterprise business can also use ERPNext Services with joyfully. ERPNext is an open source software and easily any businessman or any organization can afford it. Erp stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is about a software which helps for the small sme's to large business for setup his/her business. So in other words we can say that all works of business related can be done through ERPNext Software Services. ERPNext is an open source so it uses its own framework “Frappe”. which is a contraction for Framework + Application. With the help of frappe we can easily integrate different different modules with each other .mainly the language is used server side is Python scripting Language. And at the client side it would be viewed in JS. Through ERPNext Services it is an easy thing for large Entrepreneur's to maintain track or to invest their money in multiple cities, multiple countries, and with multiple companies. Even today small and large business are now satisfied to use erpnext softwares into their firms on daily basis. Benefits of ERPNext Services for Business Entrepreneur's: 1)Do accounts to keep track of sales/ purchases 2)pay taxes to the government sector. 3)pay their employees monthly salaries. 4)manage deliveries within promised time slices. 5)deliver quality goods and services to the their precious customer. 6)communicate with customers, and resolve their problems and keep happy customers.  See more at:

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